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2016 – Be Careful What You Wish For……U.K. And The U.S. Experience Their Version Of The Arab Spring

U.K. And The U.S. Experience Their own Arab Spring

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What a year 2016 was….. Brought to you by The Year of Brexit, and the “Donald” Trump calls Brexit The Year of the underdog 12 months ago most people would have thought that this was unthinkable. Now on the Eve of Trump’s inauguration as the next president of the United States of America it has become a distinct reality. For me, I thought the past year was fascinating to watch, and how the events unfolded. And interestingly, people’s reaction to the results. Much of the media reported that how western democracy had failed them. That how could both the British and American Public end up in such a polarised and confused state. The reality is, is that many people at grass roots level were dis-enfranchised, and disillusioned with the political system. There had been a lack of, and in some cases no political representation for these people. They no longer had a voice. When this happens in any civilised society, you have a revolt against the political system, and this is what happened in bot

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