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    Best 3 Cryptocurrencies In The World

    In the world of Alt currencies, blockchain and cryptocurrencies there are a lot of contenders lately, but an important aspect that most ignore is branding, and branding with no doubt is important for mass adoption. Established coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum suffered a lot to get their names memorized. Here's i will be listing the top 3 serious tokens and coins that already won at branding. Many none serious/ joke coins and tokens have a good name for branding, but they were not taken into consideration. so the top 3 are mentioned here:

    3. NEO

    Previously known as Antshare, the company knew that it needed to rebrand fast, and they did it. The new name, NEO remind youngsters of the matrix hero, and also bring a feeling of novelty.

    NEO, might have a big disadvantage, it is that it is a Chinese coin, and now the Chinese authority are scrutinizing ICOs, after making ICOs illegal.

    NEO site:


    Omisego have probably the coolest acronym OMG !!!

    can't wait to see the confusion when people start mixing OMG - Oh My God - with OMG !

    OMG site:

    1. SPARTA

    This one is clearly up to it's name, the coin will be used to fund 300 startups, yep, you read it correctly 300!!! If these guys manage to get only 2-3% of their startups to be successful, with no doubt this would become the most valuable coin.

    Furthermore, coin holder can use it immediately in several online shops.

    And branding wise, hands down Sparta is the best! GO SPARTA!!

    Sparta token sale:
    Sparta Startups projects:

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