10 Uniquely Stunning College Campuses From Around The World

I mean, I wouldn’t mind studying if I went here.

1. University of Glasgow, Scotland

Hogwarts, anyone?

2. Peking University, China

Peking University has its own lake.

3. St George’s University, Grenada

Between lectures, students at this Caribbean medical school can enjoy the clear blue water and white sand beaches.

4. Taroudant University, Morocco

Taroudant University campus is a work of modern art.

5. Furman University, U.S.A.

I’m sorry, I was looking for Gandalf.

6. University of Oxford, England

The world renowned University of Oxford campus needs no introduction. It’s so pretty.

7. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

“It’s got a grass roof.”
“What’s the point in that?”
“Who cares? It’s got a grass roof!”

8. University of Coimbra, Portugal

The University of Coimbra’s library is covered in exquisite religious murals.

9. University of Virginia, U.S.A.

Designed by the great Thomas Jefferson, the University of Virginia has produced some of the country’s finest minds.

10. United States Air Force Academy, U.S.A.

Air Force Academy. Looks like a bunch of paper planes. See what they did there?!

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