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Casting The Perfect Lion King Remake

Beyoncé as Nala is just the beginning

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Young Simba - Emjay Anthony

Kazuki Hirata / Via

Sadly, Jonathan Taylor Thomas is probably too old to play our beloved child protagonist. Fortunately, that's not the case for Emjay Anthony. Anyone who has Netflix has probably watched Chef. Emjay Anthony shines as the precocious and charming son of Jon Favreau.

Young Nala - Bella Ramsey

Crystal Ro / Via

Bella Ramsey is mostly known for her supporting character, Lyanna Mormont, on Game of Thrones. The scene stealing Ramsey has the perfect mix of sass and spunk for young Nala.

Timon - Aziz Ansari

Fred Prouser / Reuters / Via

Aziz Ansari's pint-sized frame and mile a minute comedic rants are perfect for Timon. He would bring a fresh new spin on everyone's favorite wisecracking meerkat.

Pumbaa - Seth Rogen

Mario Anzuoni / Reuters / Via

Seth Rogen has all the makings of Pumbaa. Pumbaa is the more subdued and lazy of the comedic duo yet he still brings the funny. Plus, he's got that signature stoner laugh.

Rafiki - Morgan Freeman

MobiPicker / Via

Ever the wise elder, Rafiki plays a pivotal role in The Lion King. Morgan Freeman may not be as eccentric as the original Rafiki, but his commanding voice would add a touch of wisdom to the character.

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