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John Kim, Of Syncis, Considers The Skills Needed To Succeed As An Entrepreneur

John Kim is the Co-Chairman of Syncis and an experienced entrepreneur who has enjoyed success in multiple business endeavors. Here he considers the talents needed to accomplish that task.

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John Kim founded Syncis with the aim of providing Associates with the opportunity to learn everything they need to know to start second careers in financial services. Placing the focus on mentorship, the organization equips new recruits with all of the tools they need to communicate, market and sell their services to those who need them. Prior to this endeavor, John Kim Syncis has also experienced success in the auto parts industry as a business owner, demonstrating the entrepreneurial spirit needed to meet the demands of running a company. His aim is to develop these skills in others through mentorship opportunities, with the below being amongst the most important talents that entrepreneurs must have if they are to succeed.

While there is every reason you should dream big and have ambitious goals, successful entrepreneurs are also able to keep stable heads on their shoulders and understand that they will often need to overcome a number of barriers if they are to reach their goals. Everything you do as an entrepreneur should be considered logically, as this will allow you to determine if there is any demand for your product and what you need to do to take it to the next level.

Entrepreneurs are also required to communicate with people at all levels of business. Not only should they be capable of demonstrating the knowledge and passion that potential partners and investors will be looking for when they first start out, but they also need to understand how to communicate the benefits of their products to their audiences. Poor communication leads to misunderstandings, which can hamper an entrepreneur's efforts before they have really gotten off the ground.

Above all else, John Kim and the entrepreneurs at Syncis demonstrate great determination to reach their goals. Once they put their minds to something they will work long and hard to ensure their aspirations are met. This determination is what separates the true entrepreneurs from those who just have ideas and don't want to put the work in to see them realized. It also allows them to push through when things get tough, allowing them to stay motivated at all times.

About: John Kim is an experienced financial services professional and the current Co-Chairman of Syncis.

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