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The Hottest Upcoming Actors You Should Know About

Want to know who's going to be the next big thing in Hollywood? Keep an eye out for these under the radar actors starring in big Blockbuster films soon.

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  • Taylor Kitsch

    Taylor Kitsch

    You probably recognize Taylor Kitsch as Tim from "Friday Night Lights." On March 9, 2012, he'll be battling martians and fighting wars as John Carter in the movie "John Carter." Watch out for this guy. Soon he will be everywhere on the big screen.

  • Anthony Mackie

    Anthony Mackie

    You've seen him in The Hurt Locker, and now, you can look out for him in "Real Steel" and "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter."

  • Chris Hemsworth

    Chris Hemsworth

    He's THOR! Watch out for him as Thor again in "The Avengers" and starring in "Snow White And The Huntsman."

  • Dave Franco

    Dave Franco

    He's James Franco's little brother, but he's not going to let his brother hog the spotlight. See him in "Fright Night" and "21 Jump Street" soon.

  • Jamie Campbell Bower

    Jamie Campbell Bower

    This lucky guy is engaged to Bonnie Wright (Ginny from "Harry Potter"). Check him out in "Twilight: Breaking Dawn."

  • Max Irons

    Max Irons

    Maybe you've seen him in "Red Riding Hood." Maybe you've seen him as Emily Browning's boyfriend, but you'll be seeing him a lot more soon. Check him out as Vivaldi in "Vivaldi."

  • Tom Hiddleston

    Tom Hiddleston

    Tom was Loki in "Thor," and he'll be in "War Horse" and "The Avengers" soon.

  • Josh Hutcherson

    Josh Hutcherson

    Josh was the adorable kid in "The Kids Are All Right." Watch out for him as Peeta Mellark in "The Hunger Games."

  • Kit Harington

    Kit Harington

    This new-comer is Jon Snow in "Game Of Thrones." He'll be playing Vincent in "Silent Hill: Revelation 3D."

  • Johnny Simmons

    Johnny Simmons

    He's the guy that's dating Emma Watson! You've probably seen him as Young Neil in "Scott Pilgrim." Catch him in "The Perks Of Being A Wallflower."