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    The 7 Weirdest Traditions Of Valentine’s Day

    Fond of travel? Well why not discover what happens around the world for Valentine's Day? Enjoy those 7 selected traditions more unique and strangest than the other!!!

    1. Love race in Finland!


    Finns who get a heavy girlfriend are really lucky! Well not really … For Valentine’s Day, Finland holds the “wrap women leg” championship. Guys have to run an obstacle race with their lover’s legs around the neck. Heavier she is, greater will be the price … at least if they win! Get some training, you might get the incredible price: the weight of your girlfriend in BEER!

    2. The fair Korean spirit.

    huffingtonpost / Via

    Korea is a really fair country …in term of love! Single? Well you get as lucky as couples because YOU have the “black day”. Only alone person can have the chance to eat ink pasta all dressed up in black. Then happy?

    3. Well Welsh, did you really run out of ideas?

    Bill Murphy / Via

    Those Brits… They definitely can’t make anything like others. After the left side driving, the pound, the inch, foot, thumb … They found the weirdest thing to offer for Valentine’s Day: a love wooden spoon. What a great collection you can make!

    4. Scottish lottery love.

    thepaper05 / Via

    In Scotland it’s even worse, they couldn’t have any idea of their own other half. And what a fabulous idea they get to pick up the first opposite sex gender crossed on that day?! Actually leaving there, I hope not meeting my 8 years old neighbourgh …

    5. Full transparency in South Africa

    figaro / Via

    Warning shy women. Don’t be in love on that day you will have to wear your secret lover’s name on your shirt. Discretion? 0!

    6. I-Tangerine communication.

    Solomango / Via

    Instead of Meetik, MatchMeHappy or EHarmony, Singapore women use a much more archaic way to find love. Using tangerine as broadband. They write a love text and their telephone number on the tangerine which they throw in the river. It is a way to find love …desperate one are trying to through the whole bag.

    7. Main crime for February? LOVE!

    Michael Olivier / Via

    Let’s finish on a more serious concern. I think you get the idea… Yes, Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world to prohibit Valentine’s Day. Any flower, red object or chocolate can’t be sold on that day. Then appear a HUGE black market to sell love products.

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