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6 Country Life Hacks To Improve Your Summer

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Y'all been lookin' for a way to use that junk in yer yard for some summertime fun? Well, this here video's got all yer answers:

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It's got all the hacks you need to countrify yer summer, like this here Washin' Machine Beer Cooler:

Just get that ol' yard washer of yours, fill it up with ice and some cans of yer favorite 'Merica juice, and enjoy!

Or how about this here Grocery Cart Barbecue:

Put yer ol' grocery cart to good use by cookin' some grub on it! Just flip that bad boy on its side, chuck some charcoal briquettes in there, and have at it!

Gitcha self one o' these here Bottle Sprinklers too:

Grab one o' yer old plastic bottles, poke some holes in that sucker, tape it to a hose, and — bammo! — ya gotcher self a good time.

When you need some food in yer belly but ya don't wanna do no work for it, reach for a Corn Drill:

Nobody spins their own corn no more. It's all about corn drillin' now, so get with the times and put some corn on a drill, ya hear?

And after a long day of turnin' all yer old junk into summer fun, take a break on yer very own duct tape hammock. Ya earned it, pardner:

Ya don't need no 'structions for this one. Just get to tapin' so you can get to nappin'!

Get more helpful tips for a quality country summer with Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser, streaming free on Crackle!

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