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Cheesy Revenge - Ship Stinky Cheese To Your Enemies

My name is Joe and I am the founder of Cheesy Revenge. We ship stinky cheese to your enemies. Yay us!

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How much do you hate your enemies?

How much do you hate your enemies? Enough to send them stinky cheese? Then I am your guy. I ship stinky cheese to people for a living. We are the best mail-prank business. You could Ship your enemies glitter, but that’s ridiculous. Glitter is for Kindergartners and strippers.

If you want real revenge shipped in the mail, you need to ship some stinky cheese.

I founded the company Cheesy Revenge as a fun side project. I started the business on Reddit simply by charging people to ship stinky cheese to the address of your choice. I got the idea after I shipped some blocks of stinky cheese to my friends as an April Fools prank, so when they opened the package they would be confused and disappointed. And yes, it worked!

Now, I started a website and we are shipping stinky cheese anonymously all across the US. We had so much traffic on our first day that the site was down because our web host couldn't handle it.

But we are live again and fulfilling all orders.

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