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10 Ways You Know Pizza Is Your True Valentine

Whether you're single, taken, or somewhere in-between we all know pizza is your one true Valentine

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1. You get more excited when you open your front door to the delivery man than to your bff

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2. You’ve already planned when you’re going to order pizza on Valentines Day

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3. You get excited for every IUBB game because you know they serve Papa John's in Assembly Hall

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4. You have the app ready to go, but you also have the closest Papa John's on speed dial

Jody S

5. You snapchat your pizza to your booty call with no intentions of sharing with them (or having them come over, you want to eat your pizza in peace)

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6. You know all the best coupon codes and tell all your friends to use IUDM40 at Papa John's because not only do you get 40% off but 10% go to Riley Children's Hospital

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7. He answers your calls no matter what


8. You’ve ordered pizza at all times of day and night


9. You’ve spent more $ on pizza in the past month than you have on your significant other or yourself

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10. You get more texts from Papa John's than you do from boys

Jody S
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