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Watch Out!! Your Home Insurance Might Not Cover These

Here are things your home insurance might not cover

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If you own a house, having a good insurance nearby is a critical step to securing your investment. It is very necessary if you have a mortgage. But having home insurance does not mean you are covered against all problems or unforseen circumstances. Many home owners do acquire home insurance but do not know specifically what the insurance covers on their property. Chris Hackett who works for The property Casualty Insurers Association of America said many homeowners buy a policy without reading through it. It is quite important to know exactly what you will be covered with the purchased policy. Here are five things home insurance might not cover


Earthquake is not included in standard homeowner’s insurance policies. You probably feel your area is not prone to earthquake and you should not worry about it. Well there are some instances where earthquakes hit the less suspected areas. The bad news is basic insurance policies does not cover earthquakes. Therefore you will need additional policies to insure your home against eartquakes.


Standard insurance policies have limit to how much it will cover when there are damages to things like jewelries and other expensive collectibles. According to Sebastian Naturski of Your Diamond Teacher, the best way things like this can be protected is if you get a separate insurance for them which will specify what exactly the items are.



Too often home owners think their regular insurance will cover them on floods. However, homeowner’s policies do not cover damage or other losses caused by flood. You may have secured flood insurance if you live in an area that is very prone to floods. However, those that are not in this type of area do not have such additional coverage and might need to purchase separate flood insurance.


Several damages can occur from termites’ infestation regardless of how small termites are and it is even worse when they are unnoticed for quite a long time. The devastation caused by this infestation is unlikely to get insurance company’s sympathy. Most policies do not protect against damage and destruction caused by termites, the best thing that can be done is using a pest control company.


Dogs that are known to be aggressive or dangerous are not usually included in the insurance policy. Some insurance companies blacklist some breeds that are known for inflicting several injuries. Examples of such dogs are Rottweiler’s, pit bulls. And if your dog is not aggressive but has bitten someone before, such dog will not be covered. Many insurance companies look at aggression history of dogs. All dogs are not treated equally; some insurers will not cover injuries caused by certain high risk breeds.

The same thing might be applicable to wildlife or rodent infestation as well. In a recent conversation with Brendan Mangnitz, an entomologist and expert rat control, he said nuisance wildlife in your attic can create problems many homeowners never think of and some damages that might not be covered in their home insurance policy.

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