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    Facebook Is Working On Software That Will Stop You From Uploading Drunk Pictures Of Yourself

    "Are you sure you want your boss and family to see that?" The future is, terrifyingly, here.

    Facebook is currently working on a new piece of software that will be able to identify whether you are drunk or not in photos.

    In an interview with Wired, Yann LeCun explained the potential for this kind of app.

    He oversees the Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research department, which uses deep learning algorithms to learn about your behaviour online and suggest content that is curated perfectly for you.

    The new functionality would require technology to be able to recognise the difference between your drunk self, and your sober self. Lecun said:

    "Imagine that you had an intelligent digital assistant which would mediate your interaction with your friends," he says, adding, "and also with content on Facebook."

    He sees the software as being useful when somebody shares their photos on a night out that they would regret in the morning. The software would intervene before the pictures went up.

    On the plus side, your boss and family won't be able to see embarrassing nightclub photos of you any more.

    But on the downside, after the machines get so clever that there's an inevitable robot uprising, there probably won't be any photos of you at all.

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