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17 Teeny Tiny Animals You'll Want To Pop In Your Mouth For Safekeeping

Do you ever get that urge?

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Do you ever find animals so cute and small you just want to pop them into your mouth? Not to eat, of course. Just because you love them so much you don't know what else to do. Not an urge you'd ACTUALLY follow through on, but an urge nonetheless.

1. This mouse is so small, it could just go right in my mouth.

2. Would pop this tiny hamster in my mouth too, just briefly.

3. Could pop this itty-bitty frog right into my mouth FOR JUST A MOMENT.

4. This little field mouse would fit RIGHT INTO MY MOUTH where I can keep him safe.

5. This tiny turtle looks so perfect on the beach, even more perfect in my mouth.

6. Hey lil' roundy, get in my mouth.

7. Teeny tiny bunnies, hop into my mouth.

8. Get into my mouth.


10. Get in my mouth for A COUPLE SECONDS.

Wildcat78 / Getty Images

11. My mouth is ready to protect you.

12. This pika is too round not to just pop into my mouth.

Jim Belliston / Getty Images

13. Hey duckling, swim on into my mouth.

14. This TINY koala is maybe too big to go in a mouth but that's still where it belongs.

Roland Weihrauch / AFP / Getty Images

15. Go inside my mouth, little buddy, just for a HOT SECOND.

16. Hey round baby bird, just go inside my mouth, but be careful with the beak.


I shouldn't have to say this, but don't put animals in your mouth. This post does not actually condone putting animals in your mouth.

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