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The Essential Ladies' Guide To Gaining Confidence From Construction Workers

Sky-high self-esteem is just a catcall away.

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Confidence. It's one of the most important qualities you need to be successful in life.


But where does confidence come from? That's easy—construction workers and their opinions about your appearance .

Construction sites have done more for boosting the confidence of women than Spanx, push-up bras, and Susan B. Anthony combined. If you want to be a strong, independent, CONFIDENT woman, make sure you work walking past a construction site into your daily routine.

Job Interviews


They're an important time to show off your confidence. If possible, try to meet with recruiters and hiring managers at a construction site so your confidence can be at an all-time high as friendly construction workers share their opinions about your various body parts.

Asking For A Raise


When asking your boss for a raise, make sure you have a construction worker in the room to give you the confidence to ask for what you deserve. Research shows that women are often less likely to ask for a raise. However, women who are reminded of what their butt looks like by a stranger are actually four times more likely to negotiate salary.


But What If I Don't Live Near A Construction Site?


With America's infrastructure crumbling, we should be in a golden era for women's confidence. But there are still some places that don't have construction. Where are you supposed to find your confidence then? Don't worry, there are actually plenty of non-construction-worker men that have opinions about your body that they're generous enough to share. You could even encounter these men just walking down the street. Yes, it's that easy!

Selfish People


It's true, sometimes selfish people aren't willing to just dole out confidence-boosting objectification for free. Not everyone is generous enough to yell across the street about your legs. When this happens, see if you can get your daily dose of confidence by writing out some prompts on flyers and passing them out to get the feedback you crave.

Don't Shortchange Yourself


One of the biggest mistakes women make in their careers is not taking enough credit for their accomplishments. Don't fall into this trap! Make sure your resume reflects all the accolades you've earned while walking past construction sites.

Don't Forget About Take Your Daughter To A Construction Site Day!


Making sure young girls gain a sense of confidence early on is so important. That's why you should take advantage of Take Your Daughter To A Construction Site Day. If the workers aren't too busy constructing, see if they'll take a moment to give your daughter the confidence to become one of our future leaders.