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    No Animal Should Be Allowed To Be This Round

    Not quite a bunny. Not quite a mouse. What is it? Who cares! It's so round.

    Look at this round little darling.

    Murphy_shewchuk / Getty Images

    He's called a pika.

    Silfox / Getty Images

    He's technically not a rodent, but related to rabbits.

    Can400 / Getty Images

    Look he can squish kinda flat!!!!

    Ironman100 / Getty Images

    The encyclopedia describes him as an "egg-shaped mammal."

    Brianlasenby / Getty Images

    An egg-shaped mammal!!!!!!

    Brian Lasenby / Getty Images

    Look at this thing!!!!

    John Henderson / Getty Images

    Now he's yelling for some reason.

    Douglloyd / Getty Images

    What up, egg-shaped friend?

    Bgsmith / Getty Images

    So round!!!!

    Kwiktor / Getty Images

    So round it should be illegal.

    Jim Belliston / Getty Images

    10/10 would squish.

    Murphy_shewchuk / Getty Images

    Some relation?

    Nintendo / Via

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