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    The World According To "Nice Guys" As Explained By Charts

    Step one: Finish last.

    The nicest guys are easy to spot because they'll tell you "I'm a Nice Guy." Maybe more than once.

    You can also easily find a Nice Guy from his lack of a girlfriend.

    Because women are repelled by niceness and attracted to jerkiness.

    Nice Guys can earn reward points for being nice to other people.

    And once you earn enough Nice Guy points you can trade them in for various prizes.

    But it's easy to get scammed when you try to redeem your Nice Guy points.

    Unfortunately, kind of like American Express, most women don't accept Nice Guy points. They trade in jerk points.

    Then it's super easy for jerks to cash in their jerk points for all the girlfriends you could ever want.

    Sorry, Nice Guys.