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The Biggest Fashion Trends Of 2013 Vs. 2003

Fashion changed a lot in the last 10 years. Except cargo shorts still won't die.

2003: We got our first taste of the Jason Mraz fedora.

And the Britney Spears fedora.

2013: Now we get Taylor Swift's porkpie hats.

2003: That dark-hair-on-the-bottom look happened.

What is that even called? Reverse ombre? 2003 was a simpler time when no one ever used the word "ombre."

2013: The inverse: ombre hair.

Growing out your roots or trendy style choice? We'll never know.

2003: Kelly Clarkson had a tiny scarf.

2013: Scarves got bigger.

Sometimes a lot bigger.

2003: The trend of butt logos was beginning to blossom.

2013: It was hard to find a summer dress that didn't have a cutout.

Random patches of skin were at an all-time high.

2003: We just sat back and let velour sweatsuits happen.

2013: We sat back and let wedge sneakers happen.

2003: Hoop earrings were important.

Beyonce hoopin' it up in her "Baby Boy" video.

2013: Skater dresses were important.

2003: The lead singer of Train wore this nice shirt.

And Justin Timberlake demonstrated this classic everydude look.

2013: Everyone is in a contest to see how much plaid they can wear.

2003: Tall boots were high heeled and pointy, especially if you were going to kiss Madonna.

2013: Tall boots were flat.

Unless it was a wedge boot.

2003: The faux hawk.

2013: Mustaches.

And also faux mustaches.

2003: John Mayer and Justin Timberlake wore some nice, loose-fitting khaki pants.

2013: Fancy sweatshirts are a thing.

2003: Britney Spears wore this.

2013: Katy Perry wore this.

2003: Jeans with the faux crotch crinkles were all over the place.

2013: Peplums were all over the place.

2003: Denim miniskirts seemed like a good idea.

2013: High-waisted shorts seemed like a good idea.

Or did they?

2003: You might spot a Muppet coat.

2013: You still might spot a Muppet coat.

2003: Justin Timberlake wore this cool hat.

2013: Now he wears this hat.

2003: This Louis Vuitton bag everywhere.

2013: Chambray everywhere.

In 2003 this would be considered a dad shirt.

2003: Cargo pants, some cropped, were king.

2013: Crop tops were king.

2003: The golden era of popped collars.

2013: Buttoned-up collars, not a pop in sight.