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More Appropriate Names For Energy Drinks

Drink hard or don't even bother.

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Here are some energy drinks to try if you value energy above all things.

1. Heave2. Fruit Venom3. GO!!!4. Metal Milk5. Hot Soda6. Bro7. Rage Syrup8. Burning Fire9. Ouch Pouch10. Violent Drink11. Danger Liquid12. Fury Boost13. God Can't Hear You Now14. Rage Syrup15. Whale Water16. Swole-Ade17. Nightmare Juice18. Angry Blood19. Pow Pow Pow Pow Pow20. Dr. Faster Faster21. Make It Stop22. CafFiend23. Muscle Cocaine24. Harder!!25. Murder Blast26. 24-Hour Night Sweats27. Drink Eruption28. Face Punch29. Mouth Scream30. Pomegranate Pain31. Silent Hell32. Kiwi Straw-Very Painful33. Palpitations34. Krank It Faster35. Zap Doctor36. Torque!37. Smackdown38. NerdHurt39. Pound Now40. Drink!41. Metal Throb42. Serious Kondition43. E-mergency Room44. Auuuuuuggggggghhhhhh45. Snake Hammer46. Full Potential47. Burpies48. Leg Day49. Scream Soda50. Sudden Hurt51. Skin Bruise52. Irresponsible Spotter53. Pound Town54. Death Is Inevitable55. Neon Fire56. Ham Hands57. Protein Earthquake58. Meat59. 8-Hour Struggle60. Quik Numbness

1. Heave

2. Fruit Venom

3. GO!!!

4. Metal Milk

5. Hot Soda

6. Bro

7. Rage Syrup

8. Burning Fire

9. Ouch Pouch

10. Violent Drink

11. Danger Liquid

12. Fury Boost

13. God Can't Hear You Now

14. Rage Syrup

15. Whale Water

16. Swole-Ade

17. Nightmare Juice

18. Angry Blood

19. Pow Pow Pow Pow Pow

20. Dr. Faster Faster

21. Make It Stop

22. CafFiend

23. Muscle Cocaine

24. Harder!!

25. Murder Blast

26. 24-Hour Night Sweats

27. Drink Eruption

28. Face Punch

29. Mouth Scream

30. Pomegranate Pain

31. Silent Hell

32. Kiwi Straw-Very Painful

33. Palpitations

34. Krank It Faster

35. Zap Doctor

36. Torque!

37. Smackdown

38. NerdHurt

39. Pound Now

40. Drink!

41. Metal Throb

42. Serious Kondition

43. E-mergency Room

44. Auuuuuuggggggghhhhhh

45. Snake Hammer

46. Full Potential

47. Burpies

48. Leg Day

49. Scream Soda

50. Sudden Hurt

51. Skin Bruise

52. Irresponsible Spotter

53. Pound Town

54. Death Is Inevitable

55. Neon Fire

56. Ham Hands

57. Protein Earthquake

58. Meat

59. 8-Hour Struggle

60. Quik Numbness

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