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21 Chickens Just Doin' Chicken Stuff

These chickens are just like, whaaaat?

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1. This chicken drives its own truck like a boss.

Getty Images / Evans / Hulton Archive

2. This chicken's like, "You think you're better than me? 'Cause you ain't."

3. These chickens just rolled up in their Honda Pilot and are like, "Where da party at?"

4. This chicken is like, "Why's this dog all up in my grill?"

Getty Images / Fox Photos

5. These chickens are like, "Check out this dope chicken bridge."

6. This chicken is like, "Yeah, so what?"

Getty Images / Fox Photos / Hulton Archive

7. This chicken is like, "Wow you made some really good points. I have a lot to think about now."

8. This chicken is like, "I'm sporty as hell."

Getty Images / Laurence Griffiths

9. This chicken is straight up showing off.

Getty Images / Evans / Hulton Archive

10. These chickens are like, "What what what."

11. Oh my god it's Clara the Clucking Clerk, only the most famous clerk chicken in the world.

Getty Images / Evans / Hulton Archive

12. This chicken's like, "Now you see where I live. Now you know the truth."

13. This chicken is... doing something... ???

Getty Images / Three Lions / Hulton Archive

14. These chickens are not about whatever you're about.

15. This chicken is like, "I have seen the future and it's nothing but fire, FIRE EVERYWHERE."

Getty Images / Express / Hulton Archive

16. Classic chicken pile.

17. This chicken doesn't understand why it has to be involved in this situation.

Getty Images / Fox Photos / Hulton Archive

18. Have you ever picked up a chicken? I heard it's like holding a cloud!

19. Buncha chickens just running this woman out of town.

Get out of here, lady!
Getty Images / Fox Photos / Hulton Archive

Get out of here, lady!

20. This chicken is so over these other jokers.

Getty Images / Evans

21. These chickens are like, "Nothing can stop us as long as we have each other."

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