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    11 Reasons Being An Adult Is The Best Thing Ever

    Being a grownup has its advantages.

    1. You can eat all the candy you want.

    2. You can just walk into a store and buy candy with money, no questions asked.

    3. How are you going to buy that candy, little girl? With the money you earned at your job? Haha, yeah right.

    4. You don't have to ask anyone's permission to have the candy.

    5. No one can tell you to stop eating the candy. Because you're the boss of the candy!

    6. No one's trying to hide candy from you. And if they do, you can just buy more candy.

    7. You're the captain now! (of your own candy ship)

    8. If your mom tells you to stop eating candy you can laugh right in her face.

    9. No one can take your candy away. And if they do, again, you can just buy more with money.

    10. No one's monitoring your candy intake. You can even eat your candy in secret.

    11. When you feel like havin' candy, YOU CAN JUST HAVE THE CANDY.