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    I Tried To Dress Only In '90s Clothes

    When butterfly clips flew free.

    '90s fashion is making an aggressive comeback.

    Flared jeans, floral dresses, clompy sandals, those Calvin Klein logo sports bras, and god forbid, even bucket hats — it's all in again. In the words of Celine Dion: It's all coming back, coming back to me now.

    I decided, hey, if the '90s want to come back so badly, why not bring them all the way back in the most hardcore way possible? I decided to see how many '90s outfits I could re-create from thrift stores and my own wardrobe to recapture the magic.

    In the '90s, I, like many teens and tweens at the time, had an unhealthy obsession with the Delia's catalog. When a new one came in the mail, I melted into a puddle of joy. (Being a teen in the Midwest was pretty boring. So, yes, getting a catalog was pretty exciting for me.)

    So when I revisited '90s fashion, I tried my best to recreate those Delia's model poses. Seeing myself as a Delia's model, my 14-year-old self would be...hmm, "proud" is not the word. Maybe mildly horrified? But that's OK. She can just deal with it.

    The facial expressions of the models in the Delia's catalog were always 💯.

    Having such a great time with their shiny, shiny dresses.

    And carefree hat-wearing.

    How hard could it be to look fun and wacky in '90s clothes?

    The above look was definitely inspired by the look on the right here:

    '90s Forever

    I wore heavy glitter eyeshadow for several of these looks. Even after washing my face multiple times, glitter remnants stayed on my face for FIVE DAYS. When I was wearing the glitter and purple-and-blue eyeshadow from look seven, a stranger asked me if I was a professional makeup artist. She was either trolling me or I'm VERY good at smearing glitter on my face.

    Posing like a Delia's model was extremely difficult. It's hard to make a weird face look cute. Many times I was asked, "Are you trying to look scary? Did you mean for that to look creepy?" I swear I wasn't. I gained a newfound appreciation for those models. Looking quirky but NOT scary is hard. At least for me.