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    Posted on Nov 12, 2013

    15 More Realistic Scented Candles For Twentysomethings

    Ain't no apple spice in this joint.

    1. Last Night's Pizza

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    The charming confection of perfectly greasy cardboard, deliciously congealed cheese, and a fast-hardening crust fill the home with the sweet nostalgia for when the pizza was fresh.

    2. Is This Shirt Clean?

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    The welcoming aroma of mystery — a mix of laundry detergent, lingering deodorant, and a hint of body odor will keep your guests guessing.

    3. A Festival of Marijuana

    Fun, festive, and fresh marijuana is a tradition for everyone to enjoy.

    4. Bar

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    An enchanted blend of beer, dankness, and beer.

    5. Netflix Binge


    Watching something for hours on end springs to life with a light blend of sweat and couch.

    6. Latex Condom

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    The crisp, naturally fresh scent of latex recalls the happy memories of sexual intercourse.

    7. Your Roommate's Food

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    The tradition of sneaking food you did not buy fills the home with a sweet and salty blend of secret snacks.

    8. Your Roommate

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    This scent recalls the happy homecoming of your roommate, filling the air with cigarette smoke, Axe body spray, and ham for some reason.

    9. Post Nap Haze

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    The joy of a midday slumber will fill your guests with joy at this mix of linen sheets with a hint of hot, weird breath.

    10. Delivered Food


    Capture the delight and warm tradition of food delivered right to your door with this blend of every food smell.

    11. Facebook Stalking

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    The invigorating scent of perspiration with a hint of the warm plastic-y smell of a computer overheating fill the air with bitterness and curiosity.

    12. Shame

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    A scent that will never let you forget that everyone knows what you did.

    13. Sold-Out Concert

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    A sticky blend of sweat, spilled beer, and claustrophobia will transport your guests to a moment in time, being smashed up against many strangers.

    14. Old Lunch Tupperware

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    Recapture the magic of yesterday's lunch — the pure scent of relaxation while you don't wash the container, with a crisp hint of Legionnaires' disease.

    15. Thrift Store Sweater

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    Jump for joy with the musty aroma of an old sweater someone maybe died in.

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