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    Your Brunch Is No Longer Cool Unless It Involves Egg Art That Looks Like This

    It's quite ~eggs-traordinary.~

    Everyone knows that breakfast — and therefore, life itself — isn't complete without eggs.

    Whether you like them scrambled, fried, over easy, or just a lil' bit runny, egg appreciation is something we can all come together on, and that's kind of beautiful.

    Which is why the @the_eggshibit Instagram account is our newest obsession.

    Instagram: @the_eggshibit

    You've heard of latte art...but what you really need in your life is egg art.

    The account is run by an anonymous artist in Mexico, who's clearly some kind of da Vinci with the spatula...

    Whose work includes landscapes...

    Instagram: @the_eggshibit

    "New Yolk City."

    A still life here and there...

    Familiar logos...

    Instagram: @the_eggshibit

    In fact, it's pretty great branded content, IMO.

    And some really excellent pop culture references.

    Here we have the Death Star...

    And some Deathly (delicious) Hallows...

    And a little skillet Bat-Signal.

    So, in conclusion, eggs are what make the world go 'round...

    Instagram: @the_eggshibit

    Breakfast MVP and high art? Is there anything they can't do?

    And we truly believe that a life filled with beautiful egg art is a life well lived.

    For more amazing yolks of art, follow @the_eggshibit here.

    This post was translated from Spanish.