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    We Spent a Week Wearing Glasses That Block Blue Light

    *Pushes up glasses* How do I look?

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    Every single person in my family wears glasses. Except me. I’m not sure how or why I’ve been granted these “eagle eyes” but I know I’m super lucky to still have 20/20 vision at this point in my life.

    The Basics

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    The Good

    The most challenging part of this review was remembering to actually put on the glasses. Sometimes you just want to sit down and get to staring at that screen, y’know? But after overcoming that initial roadblock, I found the glasses to be quite comfortable, meaning they never pinched too hard or slipped down my nose, and they rested just right on my ears.

    I worked my way up to wearing them for longer periods of time each day until I was sporting them anytime I was staring at a screen larger than my smartphone (and sometimes both at the same time). Other than being aware of the frames, the lenses were clear as can be. It wasn’t like looking through a pane of window glass; it was as if there were no window at all.

    Everything was crystal clear and, best of all, I didn’t experience any headaches or eye strain at the end of the day. And when I stopped wearing them, that eye strain starting creeping back.


    The Takeaway