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    24 Water Toys And Activities That'll Make A Big Splash For Any Kid

    Water, water everywhere, from Slip-and-Slides and sprinklers to aquatic art projects and backyard pools.

    1. An inflatable unicorn sprinkler, because as the old saying goes, "You can lead a unicorn to water and you can make them spray your kids with it from their horn." It also comes with four ground stakes, so this magical beast won't get knocked over.

    A white inflatable unicorn with multi-colored tail and mane spraying water from its horn

    2. A Twister Splash water game that's a, well, twist on the classic game. They still have to contort their body (right hand red, left foot green), but this time they're getting sprayed with water and slipping all over the place.

    3. A two-pack of Spider-Man or Bluey squirties, which the kids just squeeze, hold underwater to fill them up, and then start spraying! A super soaking? Not quite, but still plenty of good clean fun.

    4. An outdoor water spray sprinkler for showing off some real "turtle power" by spraying, twirling, and whirling water up to eight feet (depending on the water pressure). Fits all hose types thanks to an extra connector (included).

    A plastic green turtle with colorful water spraying tubes attached to the shell

    5. An indoor/outdoor water doodle mat that's like a giant canvas for the kids to draw the day away (using the included pens, which can be re-filled with water). Their artwork will disappear in 3-10 minutes, and the mat can be easily folded for storage and portability. Win!

    6. A three-in-one sprinkler, splash pad, and wading pool so toddlers can learn their ABCs and animals while splashing about in the comfort of the backyard.

    A blue circular splash pad with colorful animals and letters

    7. A pack of 420 self-sealing rapid-fill water balloons so you'll never have to fumble with tying every single tiny balloon and bursting half of them in the process again. We have now reached the height of water balloon warfare.

    8. And if balloons alone aren't enough, how about a toy slingshot with 100+ rapid-filling, self-sealing water balloons instead? This one can fire water-filled projectiles up to 140 feet!

    9. A beach tent and kiddie pool for potentially introducing your child to the "Jonah and the whale" story or, you know, just safely chilling in the shade poolside.

    child in the inflatable pool

    10. A build-your-own water rocket kit so nascent NASA engineers can send a recycled soda bottle where not many soda bottles have gone before (about 90 feet into the air).

    11. A marbling water art paint set that's super easy to use and make incredibly colorful art with. Just drop some paints in the water tray, swirl them around, transfer the art onto a piece of paper, and then let it dry. Voila! A masterpiece worthy of the refrigerator door!

    Child model holding up flower artwork from water paint set

    12. A Crocodile Dentist splash water game where kids push down on a tooth, and if the croc snaps, then they get soaked with a spray of water. Can also be played without water. Trust us; it's a lot more fun than it sounds!

    13. A customizable Duck 'n' Slide water toy because, as we all know, rubber duckies make bath time (and outdoor water time) lots of fun, especially when kids can build their own water-propelled slides to send their little, yellow, waterfowl friend on a great aquatic adventure.

    Multi-colored Duck 'n' Slide water toys with yellow duck toys and lots of water

    14. A make-your-own water globe kit so kids can create their very own clay-based under-the-sea scenes (on dry land) and have some new decorations for their rooms.

    15. A Little Tikes "3-In-1 Triple Splash" T-ball set (T-Ball, pop-up launcher, and splash T-ball modes) for those times when a parent's throwing arm is dead tired, there's no bullpen to call in a relief pitcher, and it's too damn hot.

    A child model swinging a yellow plastic bat at a white ball being pushed into the air by a stream of water

    16. A four-pack of easy-to-fill (and re-fill) reusable water balloons that are probably the most eco-friendly way for kids to have their next backyard, pool, or beach water balloon skirmish.

    17. A six-pack of "Max Liquidator" water blasters because "Max Liquidator" is very much the name you would give yourself while chasing your kids around like a Terminator whose only mission is to ensure that the children of 2023 get completely soaked. Hasta la vista, babies!

    Child model spraying water from red foam blaster

    18. A make-your-own water bead art kit where kids add a little H2O to colorful beads, grow them into squishy balls, and then creatively stack them in jars and decorate them with stickers. Neat!

    19. A 25-foot-long giant backyard slip-and-slide with a zig-zag spray pattern sprinkler running its length for maximum water coverage and the most ideal sliding conditions. Bonus: you can connect multiple slides together!

    Two child models on inflatables speeding down the water slide

    20. A splash pond water table that'll show the kids how to "make it rain" while playing with buckets, duck and froggy squirt toys, and spinning wheels.

    reviewer image of the water table

    21. Or, if they're looking for a little turf with their surf, a Step2 "Dino Dig" sand and water table with seven large dinosaur figures and a “volcano” that doubles as a lid. Jurassic-sized fun right here!

    22. An easy-to-clean, BPA-free, silicon kids watering can and rake set for making mud pies in the garden, sand castles at the beach, or splashing about in the swimming pool.

    Blue, sage green, and terracotta watering cans and rakes

    23. A Playmobil "1.2.3 Aqua Splish Splash" water park to crank up some indoor or outdoor aquatic action by floating three figures down that lazy river (all the while helping kids to gain some of those fine motor skills). 

    Child playing with blue and red plastic Playmobil toy with figures

    I've never been disappointed by Playmobil sets or figures! Their elegant simplicity leaves plenty of room for imagination and this set is no exception! 

    Promising review: "My kids love this toy and it has provided at least 30 minutes of no fighting! They have a great time with it!" —Boy Mom

    Get it from Amazon for $55.81.

    24. And finally, an inflatable backyard pool for those times when the beach is too much of a hike, the public pool is too crowded, and none of the neighbors have pools either!

    Get ready for a whole lot of this...