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    This Is What A Microbiologist Told Us About Cleaning Our Gadgets

    We're talking about a completely different type of swiping here.

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    Well, it took a pandemic to get us to finally realize that we need to clean our things (including our hands) more thoroughly and more often. But even before COVID-19 became our top concern, germs were lurking everywhere, from the refrigerator to the bathroom and, given the fact that 97% of people don’t clean them, probably in our reusable grocery bags too.

    Personal Tech: Surprisingly not that gross, as long as you steer clear of the water closet.

    Shared Tech: Worth keeping an eye on who you're sharing it with, especially if you have roommates or kids.

    Public Tech: Even though we're staying indoors these days, there's still a good chance of finding some poo on that touchscreen (so keep washing those hands, please).

    How To Most Easily Clean Your Tech: No need for any fancy chemicals or canned air.

    One Final Note From a Microbiologist: You know a highly-educated professional who we should all listen to.