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Rudy Francisco Performs "Adrenaline Rush"

"Adrenaline Rush" shows a point of view like no other when talking about adrenaline rushes.

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"Adrenaline Rush"

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Rudy Francisco talks about his point of view as a person of color and how the adrenaline rush means something different to him.

His performance talks about racial profiling by police and fearing being pulled over based on his color. It's clear that his performance makes a statement about the relationship of police and citizens.

Here at Shepherd University, we strive to create a community where no person fears discrimination. The Title IX office located in the Student Center is a big part of doing so.

If you or someone you know has been involved in a situation of discrimination or a crime that is motivated by discrimination, please know that the Title IX office will assist you in reporting and will support you throughout the process. Visit their resources online at

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