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Relevant Rams Spotlight: Sneha Reddy

Your Student Government Association President Sneha Reddy answers some questions about the Relevant Rams

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Sneha Reddy is the SGA President for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Sneha is a Junior Biology Major from Richmond, Virginia. She is pre-med and hoping to go to medical school to become a trauma surgeon or optometrist. She is a part of the Tri-Beta, the biology honors fraternity and enjoys playing tennis and hanging out with her friends in her free time.

How do you get involved at Shepherd?

In my two years at Shepherd, I have joined and participated in a multitude of activities, organizations, and clubs on campus. I have been apart of S.G.A. (Student Government Association) for two years now and now I am president of S.G.A. Further, I have been an active member of Tri-beta and now I serve as their vice president. I have also participated in Relay for Life and have served as the entertainment committee co-chair. Lastly, I am an active member of the Rotoract club and I am always looking for further opportunities to have fun and get involved in and around campus.

What advice would you offer new students about how to have fun at Shepherd?

"I would tell students that best way to have fun at Shepherd is to get involved. The more you get involved with the university and the town and what it has to offer the more you will be excited to be on campus. Further, College is filled with a lot of free-time and the more you get involved the more enjoyable your experience will be."

What is your favorite 3-D, Stand Up, Don’t Stand By method-Direct, Distract, or Delegate?

"My favorite method is the Direct method because it gives you a sense of responsibility and an urge to truly take a stand. It is important to intervene in situations and bring about a change that can really save someone’s life."

How do you think alcohol and drug use affects the Shepherd student population?

"I feel that our Campus is affected by drug use and alcohol. Many times poor decisions occur under the influence of drugs and alcohol and I think it is important to be aware of the repercussions and make smarter decisions and learn how to say no and not succumb to the peer pressure."

What advice would you suggest for someone struggling with a mental illness?

"I would encourage individuals suffering with mental illnesses to seek out help. We have an outstanding Health Center and Counseling Services on campus and many of the faculty and staff at Shepherd are more than willing to listen and help any student in need. The most important thing I would say, is to recognize the problem, seek help, and to not be ashamed."

How do you think your leadership positions apply to the Relevant Rams topics?

"I think that by taking on a leadership position on campus, I am innately held to a position of responsibility which pushes me to aim to stay relevant and involved. With leadership comes great responsibility and I think that responsibility innately drives individuals to constantly be dynamically responsive and relevant. "

What advice or resources could you offer to someone who is in a situation involving relationship or interpersonal violence?

"I would tell individuals who find themselves in this position to value themselves and their safety over anything. I would encourage them to seek help and learn that self worth and self respect are important and valuing themselves is not wrong not looked down upon."

What is your favorite part of the Shepherd community?

"My favorite part of the Shepherd Community is the affectionate co-dependence that is showcased between the university and the town. I love how involved town members are in the affairs of the university and the spirit and enthusiasm they showcase at our football games, and university sponsored events. Further, I am also so pleased and satisfied with how supportive our students are at supporting local business and buying from non-franchised enterprises to support our town’s entrepreneurs."

If you could change something about your experience at Shepherd, what would it be?

"If I could change something about my experience at Shepherd it would only be to get involved earlier."

What does it take to be relevant as a Shepherd Ram?

"Involvement. I think that is the true answer to being relevant as a Shepherd Ram. Pursuing anything you are passionate about and involving yourself is what truly distinguishes you and makes you relevant as a Shepherd Ram and in life."

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