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    10 College Essentials You'll Wish You Thought To Bring Sooner

    No, you probably don't need another laundry basket.

    1. Box Fan


    Even though your RA says there's a great breeze through your dorm, they're probably lying. Install a box fan in your window to survive those humid nights. (P.S. dorms get stuffy in the winter, too)

    2. Wax Warmers

    Yankee Candle

    Does the smell of your last night's take-out refuse to leave your room? Your dorm probably doesn't allow candles, but they may allow wax warmers. These are a great and safe alternative that can get rid of any unwanted odors.

    3. Floor Lamp with Shelves


    Your dorm may look big enough from the photos, but there probably won't be enough room for a side table. These lamps are great for storing bedside essentials without taking up your roommate's space.

    4. Drawer Dividers


    It's easy to throw your stuff in a drawer and forget about it, but these dividers will make your space just a little more organized.

    5. Covered Trash Can


    Do yourself and your roommates a favor and get a covered trash can. Dorms are notoriously smelly and stuffy, so this small adjustment will make a huge difference.

    6. Step Stool


    This one is dedicated to my fellow short people. Your bed will most likely be just high enough where you'll need a running start to get in. Save yourself a bruise on the shin and get a step stool.

    7. Storage Ottoman


    This is the most versatile piece of furniture you can get. Use it as storage, a stool, or even a seat! These are great for hiding things like snacks, or blankets I guess...

    8. Cube Organizers

    Home Depot

    Cube organizers are great because you can use them as a night stand, a table, or storage, a clothing organizer, or even a shoe rack!

    9. Foldable Chair

    Bed Bath and Beyond

    Someone will come in your room and they will try to sit on your bed...unless you quickly pull out a foldable chair! Cute, comfy, and keeps your precious bed neat and clean.

    10. And Mac 'n' Cheese

    Getty Images

    Just trust me, okay?

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