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    What You Need To Know About The Final Poll Of The EU Referendum

    YouGov's final poll of the EU referendum shows Remain was backed by the young, people with degrees, and 7% of UKIP voters.

    Polling company YouGov has released its final poll of the EU referendum, which involved talking to 4,772 UK adults on the day of the vote. They concluded the final result will probably be 52% Remain and 48% Leave.

    But what's really interesting is looking at the breakdown of the headline results by age, party allegiance, and level of education.

    1. Younger people overwhelmingly backed Remain, while older voters tended to vote for Leave.

    2. One of the single biggest indicators of voting intention was level of education. People with more educational qualifications were far more likely to vote Remain.

    3. A fairly significant number of people only decided how to vote on the day of the vote.

    4. There was no significant difference in how men and women voted.

    Conservative voters were overwhelmingly for Leave, despite David Cameron and the Tory leadership campaigning hard for Remain.

    5. Immigration mattered a lot to Leave voters while Remain voters were motivated by the economy.

    6. Most people expect Remain to win.