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5 Things You Need To Know About Consumers & 4 New Behaviours For Us

Macro behaviours and media trends, before we dive into the detail of UCL... presented as our content is being increasingly consumed by our target audience: in a feed.

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1. We live in extraordinary times

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More time is spent with media (+10% since 2012), more of that time is digital media time (56% of media time) and we have more data and technology than ever before (2.5 quintillian bytes / day)

2. Mobile is changing how we conduct our daily lives

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We check our phones 150 times per day on average, and one third of us would prefer to give up sex for a year than our mobile phones! A third of media time is spent on mobile globally and set to surpass desktop by 2019; over half of video views online are on mobiles... and more searches happen on mobile too. Mobile is the biggest, most pervasive, most powerful global trend.

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Over 2bn social media users worldwide and growing, 93% of online adults have at least one social media account... and they are using them a lot! 16% of total online time and on Facebook alone they login 17x per day on average.

4. Seamless experiences are expected

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Lines betwen digital, analog and mobile have blurred; media multi-tasking is the norm. 8 out of ten of us use portable electronics whilst watching TV.... and 25% of them are searching for products to buy. Its not just TV to mobile though - connected experiences are enabled by more and more objects being connected to the internet... but it is only the beggining - under 0.1% of things that could be connected currently are.

5. Demanding personalised services

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Data & technology are unlocking new ways to create and deliver content. we know more about our target audeinces than ever before; allowing us to deliver data driven marketing with super relevant content... at significant scale.

These factors have resulted in the consumer relationship with brands changing, requiring all of us to focus on 4 new behaviours:

2. Data-led

Leverage the vast data available to us to generate insights and craft super relevant content for scalable audiences. Characteristics are grouped into "i am", "i do", "i buy" and "i think" data points, and common characteristics will be grouped together as personas.

3. Agile & Dynamic

Personalise in real time: reach the right person, with the right message, on the right platform... at the right time. UCL 16 was pre-planned for with timezones; how can we be more reactive to the available data signals moving forwards?

4. Build for change

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Creatively we need to plan and produce in a way that enables us to experiment and explore what works best; powering a test and learn approach with our primary objective in mind: PENETRATION.

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