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The 14 Best Things About Going Back To Your Home Town

For some adult people, heading back to their hometown can be a bittersweet adventure of fear and/or potential comedy. However, awkward nostalgia, mixed with familiar presence, can equal some really great times. If you know what to do. Watch Jimmy Kimmel Live! all this week on ABC at midnight/11c as he embarks on his own homecoming journey in to the quiet town of Brooklyn, New York.

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1. You are more successful than the kids who used to bully you.

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Finally the AV Club advisor's words of wisdom from Freaks and Geeks come to fruition. Yes, I will have fries with that, Biff.

2. ...And you probably dress less like an idiot than you did in high school.

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Which means everyone will think you're wildly successful, even if you still live on frozen dumplings and cup o' noodles.

3. No rules AND unlimited free snacks.

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Chances are, you're either staying with your parents or a friend. And in both cases, there are no rules about watching eight hours of TV, or coming home at 7AM. And free snacks. For when you come home at 7AM.

4. All your weird food obsessions in one place.

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You grew up here, and you like some weird crap on your breakfast sandwich, and this is the place where they do it, at any hour of the day. No judgement.

5. You have at least one friend who is a gigantic loser.

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Nothing says "self-confidence booster" quite like comparing yourself to that friend who works at Denny's and still lives in someone's basement. Hang out with them constantly.

6. Free food and booze from family and friends.

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Why are you even back in your hometown? It's probably a holiday, or a wedding, or you're a guest, and in all of those cases, you're getting a giant meal prepared for you... especially if you're Italian. And it's probably open bar, too. Try to keep your pants on long enough for the cannoli.

8. You can mess with little kids.

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Kids are so gullible. You can tell them anything, you never have to see them again anyway. Trick some kids into thinking crazy things. It will be hilarious in 10 years when they still think you can control them with your mind.

9. You know the best spots for escaping from your parents.

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And exactly what to do in those spots. And exactly how to oh hey officer, how's your night going? You want a bite of this weird breakfast sandwich? No, I just bought it.

10. Crashing high school parties.

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You keep getting older, but the high school girls stay the same age, right? Drive around until you hear some Katy Perry, and waltz in with a six pack of Bud. The only problem is explaining why you are forty.

12. You are probably old enough to drink in bars now.

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But screw the bar, there is a party with all the seniors happening at Katie Brown's house. Her parents are gone all weekend!