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11 Ways You Can Prank Your Children

Here are a few ways you can get those kids back for all the hours they spent crying in your face. Jimmy Kimmel is finally moving to 11:35 on ABC! We're celebrating with 11 different ways you can prank your kids. Check out a few ways to get some laughs out of your kids, Kimmel style.

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7. Put blue food coloring in the milk carton and when they look surprised tell them it's cursed milk now and ask if they believe in witches. BREAKFAST IS SERVED. IT'S A BOWL FULL OF LAUGHS AND CONFUSION.

8. Replace their bathroom mirror with a LCD monitor that plays a loop of what the bathroom looks like so they'll think they don't have a reflection. Wait until they contemplate that nonsense and then run in and yell VAMPIRE VAMPIRE VAMPIRE over and o

10. Play hide and seek with them but instead of hiding just leave the house and don't come back for three hours. Mom can make sure they don't do dumb kid stuff while you're gone. Go get a beverage. Go ahead. You deserve it, champ.

11. Put a walkie talkie in their stuffed animal and wait until no one is around. Pretend the stuffed animal can talk and can see everything they do. See what they'll admit to doing while you're not around.

Inspired by the pranking styles of Jimmy Kimmel.

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