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11 New Inductees For The Handsome Men's Club In 2013

Who should join the ranks of the world's most handsome men? Jimmy Kimmel is finally moving to 11:35 on ABC! We're celebrating with 11 beautiful man faces. Take a look at some of our nominees.

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1. Ryan Gosling

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

The hottest man of 2012 was TOTALLY ABSENT from the last meeting. Not even mentioned. Doesn't Dempsey know he's so 2005? Hasn't that hospital in Grey's Anatomy blown up like a dozen times already? Gosling for president.

4. Daniel Craig

Sony Pictures, Francois Duhamel, File / AP

Bond 6.0 has worn enough designer suits and destroyed enough private property while wearing them. I mean, did you SEE that scene from Casino Royale where Bond emerges from the water for some reason and the sun is hitting him at the perfect angle and angels weep at the sight of his abdomen? Why isn't he in this club yet?

5. Joseph Gordon Levitt

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

He's old enough now, right? We think he's old enough now. He wears suits. He has the words "Executive Producer" attached to him, sometimes. He has engaged in fisticuffs with Bruce Willis. That's grown-up stuff right there.

9. Jon Hamm

David Livingston / Getty Images

Jon Hamm's got that handsome face that can charm any lady, and spew advertising nonsense all day and night and the following day. That face could convince anybody to buy what it's selling. It's no wonder he went from a greasy coat peddler to a whiskey guzzling executive.

10. Jamie Foxx

Tim Alban / Getty Images

He sings. He dances. He does stand-up. He's finally the main character of a Tarantino movie. He's Ray Charles. Tom Cruise has held a gun to his head. THIS GUY DOES EVERYTHING.

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