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12 Tweets About Breakfast That Will Speak To Every Breakfast Lover

These people really, really, really love that first meal of the day. Rise and grind and kick-start your day in 45 seconds with Jimmy Dean Fully Cooked Sausage.

☕Good MORNING!!! Time for breakfast enthusiasts to rejoice. ✨

1. For those who will eat breakfast anytime:

No matter what time it is when I wake up, I am hungry. I believe in breakfast as a reward for choosing to rejoin the world.

2. For those who really know their priorities:

Sorry I had to break up with you when you told me you didn't know what 'second breakfast' was.

3. And those who use it as a tool to beat insomnia:

the only reason i can fall asleep at night is cuz all i can think about is how i'm about to time travel to breakfast time!!!

4. Breakfast is hands down the ultimate meal of the day: 😝

side note: breakfast is the best meal of the day, anytime of the day, not up for debate.

5. Especially for those who dream-drool:

I was talking in my sleep again, and woke up saying "I wish breakfast came with a dessert option."

6. And those who'd wear it:

If they made a cologne that smelled like maple & brown sugar breakfast sausage, I'm quite certain I'd wear it. #saturdaymorning

7. Or those who love it but love their moms even more:

Texted my mom from the other room and now she's making me breakfast 😂😍

8. The breakfast love is real 🍳

Time for second breakfast. The second most important meal of the day.

9. Especially for those who love to spread the love:

I love pay day. Buying breakfast for the family is a must. We eating good, to start our day off. 😌

10. Who actually needs lunch and dinner anyway?

I could eat breakfast foods for every meal, for the rest of my life and id be content

11. Without it, we'd all be les miz:

What's life without breakfast????

12. Because is there ANYTHING better than having breakfast in bed?

Breakfast in bed. A real bliss :) Happy Sunday folks!

Perhaps breakfast in bed in just 45 seconds? With Jimmy Deal Fully Cooked Sausage, that hot 'n' steamy meal is yours for the taking!

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