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5 Reasons Why Your College Diet Is Slowly Killing You

I'm sure you've heard it said that we're all dying, some just faster than others. What you probably didn't know is that those SOME may just be the people standing right in front of you in the line at the food court waiting to get the same greasy pizza you've been eating for the past three days because you don't feel like waiting in the long line to get Chick-fil-A. We all know that we need to eat. We all know that we should eat healthy. But knowing and doing are two completely different things, so here's five reasons why you're college diet is slowly killing you.

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5. Infrequent Eating


You know exactly what I mean. When you're younger, and still living at home your parents were usually pretty good about making sure that you stayed on consistent meal schedule, but as soon as you got to college that went right out the window.

You started waking up later, pulling all nighters, and getting bogged down with work to the point that you completely forgot that the last time you ate was 8:30 in the morning.

Next thing you know, your six pack is gone.

The Freshman 15 is real.

So unless you're looking to pack on the pounds, live like your grandma and schedule out your meals.

4. Late Night Snacking


Sometimes late night snacking is the greatest thing in the world! At 2 A.M. after a night of partying Taco Bell may seem like the greatest man made structure the world has ever seen. Greater than the Pyramids, greater than the Roman Colosseum...when you see that beautiful, maroon bell shining in the distance it lifts your spirits and takes your soul prancing through heaven on the back of Harambe.

However, too many of those late night adventures could leave you just like Harambe... dead.

Not really.

Just dying.


Do yourself a favor: buy a packet of saltines or a loaf of bread. It gets the job done and you save yourself from a morning of intestinal distress.

3. Stuffing Yourself


We're all guilty of eating fast food, but we've all seen that one person who orders the Big Mac, two cheeseburgers, a 20 piece chicken nugget, a large fry, and a diet coke (because the "diet" makes everything better.)

That's called "overeating" and it's not very good for you.

While "fat shaming" is not cool in today's PC era (and totally wasn't cool ever), do you really want to be explaining to your doctor why you're living with type 2 diabetes at the age of 28?

2. Not Eating At All


Given the past two entries on this list, not eating didn't seem like it would be making an appearance, did it?

Well think again!

It's the logical next step from stuffing yourself, and it's just as big of a problem. When college students don't eat their mind goes through a sort of nighttime checklist before coming to a decision.

First, you'll realize that you're hungry, but that all of the on-campus options sound terrible, so you'll decide to simply eat something you have in your room.

Second, you'll realize that you don't have anything in your room to eat, and even if you did you wouldn't want to eat it. So then this leads to the obvious choice of going off-campus to eat.

Third, you'll realize that you don't have money to spend on food off-campus

Three strikes and your stomach is all out of luck.

1. The Lack of Other Options

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College campuses across the nation have been trying to offer healthy meals for their students to eat. But the past the gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan alternatives there still lies a trough of tastebud pleasing, deliciously greasy, appetite appeasing, makes me queasy fast food options.

We get it.

Every college student will fall into a routine like this at some point. It's the most convenient option when it comes to the on-campus dining experience.

However, the convenient option conveniently comes with a price. #lovehandles

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