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10 Backyard Games You Can Play At Your Next Cocktail Party

Summer is far too short to go drinkless. Make history this summer with Jim Beam® Bourbon, making yard games more interesting since 1795.

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1. Rung in the start of summer with Ladder Toss:

jenly / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / Via Flickr: jenly

Make your own ladder set out of PVC piping and golf balls or purchase a premade set. The rules are simple: Toss the connected balls, or bolas, at the ladder rungs to earn points. Keep that left hand clasped around a beverage. Will you be able to hang?

2. Take your friends to the cleaners with a game of Washers:

Build your own board out of wood or use a tin can. Washers can be purchased at your local hardware store. But know this: Glory and honor on the washer pitch are not for sale.

3. Have a brainy day in the sun with Lawn Chess:


You'll think you've disappeared down the rabbit hole when you set up this jumbo-sized chess set. It's perfect for a peaceful afternoon or a low-key barbecue or garden party.

4. Go the distance and create a Disc Golf hole (or 18!):

You can set up one basket or a full 18-basket course, depending on the size of your yard. Buy your discs at a sporting goods store. A variety of games can be played with any number of baskets. Just be careful your long toss doesn't spill your drink.

6. Knock around your backyard with Bocce Ball:

KidMoxie / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / Via Flickr: dbspringer

Stake out your bocce court with twine or just freestyle over a patch of yard.

The primary goal: Get your ball to land closest to the mark ball (called the Jack).

The secondary goal: Don't spill your drink.

9. Kick it outside with a game of Hacky Sack:

Janne Heinonen / Via

You can't beat a casual game of hacky sack. And since no hands or arms are allowed, your upper body can focus on holding your beverage while your lower body tries to out-bump your friends.

10. Lastly, topple empires with the Swedish game Kubb:

The object of Kubb is to overturn your opponent's wooden blocks with your wooden throwing baton. First you must knock over their kubbs, then you may topple the larger king kubb. The Swedes have been playing this game of "Viking Chess" for thousands of years. It's time for you to add your chapter to this legendary yard sport.

Make your yard games the stuff of legend with Jim Beam® Bourbon.

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