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10 Reasons Why Honey Is The Greatest Ingredient Ever

Honey bees deserve more respect. And more protection with all the bears going after their honey. Fortunately Jim Beam® Honey is suing the bears to help save the honey bees. Follow #suethebears to keep up with all the action.

1. Chicken Nuggets

Shutterstock, 2 / Via

2. Tea

Shutterstock / Wiki Commons / Via

3. Yogurt

Wiki Commons, 2 / Via

4. Whiskey

Wiki Commons, 2 / Via

5. Ham

Wiki Commons , Vicky Brock (Creative Commons) / Via

6. Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich

Pastilla the Mannequin (Creative Commons) , Harsha K R (Creative Commons) / Via

7. Biscuits

Kirk Olson (Creative Commons) , Wiki Commons / Via

8. Hot Sauce And Chicken

Rick (Creative Commons) , Dino Giordano (Creative Commons) / Via

9. Goat Cheese

PDPhotos (Creative Commons) , Lindsey Bieda (Creative Commons) / Via

10. Peaches

Wiki Commons, 2 / Via