9 Epic Backyard Parties You Should Throw Immediately

Your weekend plans just got interesting. Don’t forget to invite the life of the party: Jim Beam® Bourbon, making party history since 1795.

1. Host a crawfish boil and get messy.

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You need a big pot, crawfish, corn, taters, artichokes, a picnic table covered in newspaper, and a bunch of hungry friends. Beverages are strongly encouraged… as are napkins.

2. Scare your friends all summer with horror movie nights.

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There are more slasher films than summer days. Why not watch them all? Set up a projector and spread blankets and pillows on the lawn. Then sneak off to dress as the villain and scare the crap out of your friends during the climax.

3. Host a country western barbecue.

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You need: plenty of meat, cold beer, horseshoes, a pair a jeans that fit just right, and the radio onnnnnnnn. Not to mention pecan pie, good friends, good stories, and maybe a hound dog or two.

4. Keep things classy with a full moon party.

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Who needs daylight? When the sun sets, the fun rises. Place a large paper lantern on a pole and illuminate your space. Bring the lunar theme to the decorations and the dress: black and white. Add Sinatra and cocktails, and you’ll have a ball.

5. Bring out your competitive side with backyard game tournaments.

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You need various backyard games, a bracket, refreshments, and prizes for the victors. Have fun with it and hand out awards for “Worst Toss,” “Biggest Fail,” “Beginner’s Luck,” and the fan favorite: “Best Spectator’s Award.”

6. Let out your wild side with a bacchanal.

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In ancient times, bacchanals were all-night revelries with food, drink, and dancing. The modern equivalent is more refined but maintains the spirit of the original.

7. Throw a garden party with lawn games.

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Keep the food light and fruity, the beverages refreshing, the decor tasteful, and the croquet fearsome. And of course: everyone must wear white.

8. Relish in seasonal irony with Christmas in July.

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Chestnuts roasting on a charcoal grill, Jack Sweat dripping off your nose… Because why should you only celebrate once a year? Drag out those decorations, put on your red and green summer wear, and throw that delicious Christmas ham on the grill.

9. Lastly, you can never go wrong with a guy night.

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Steaks, cigars, old friends, and good conversation. Because things don’t always need to be complicated. These are the nights you remember forever.

Make history this summer with Jim Beam® Bourbon.

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