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12 Reasons Why Bears Are The Absolute Worst

The. Worst. Especially with all the honey they've been stealing. Fortunately Jim Beam® Honey is suing the bears to protect the honey bees. Literally. Follow #suethebears for all the latest action.

1. Oh, really, bears? You think you're cute? I've got news for you... you're the polar opposite.

2. And your manners, they're absolutely un-bear-able.

3. It's ap-paw-lling how rude you are. Always waving at us humans when we have places to be.

4. And picking fights.

5. Oh, did I em-bear-ass you?

6. Stop staring like you want to eat us. Or steal our honey.

7. Whenever you all get together it's panda-monium.

8. You always look like you're up to no good.

9. Seriously, what's going on, back there?

10. Oh right, you're stealing things.

11. Or trying to steal things.

12. And all we can do is grin and bear it.