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10 Trick Pitches Every Pitcher Should Use

Don't be afraid to mix it up every once in a while. Make things interesting with Jim Beam® Bourbon, the Kentucky Straight Bourbon that's been making history for over 200 years.

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1. The Hadouken.

You can't hit it, but you can block it.

2. The Make-a-Wish.

The wish is always strike.

3. The Horns.

You won't hit a walk-off, but you might hit a rock-off.

4. The Magic 8 Ball.

Is fortune on your side?

5. The Pinch.

The field's response to a pinch hitter.

6. The Flower Power.

Make love, not runs.

7. The Gangnam Style.

Op op op op – YOU'RE OUT!

8. The Hang Loose.

Just chill out and swing, brah.

9. The Supernatural.

So you can hit it out of the park. Can you hit it out of this world?

10. And The Juggler.

He's a ground ball pitcher.

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