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    Jun 24, 2019

    5 Guys You've Matched With On Tinder

    We've all swiped right on these 5 dudes and we've all lived to regret it.

    The Fuck Boy

    @tindernightmares / Via Instagram

    Plain and simple. He wants to get with you, doesn't want to get to know you, and will send a bold first message to make both of these things clear.

    Mr. Jump the Gun

    @singleladydatingstories / Via Instagram

    He seems cool, has a nice profile, and sends a solid opening message. You respond politely, and all of a sudden his next message is asking you to come over and cuddle. It's safe to assume he's probably a murderer.

    He's Cute BUT...

    @tindernightmares / Via Instagram

    He's undeniably attractive--those shirtless pics speak for themselves. But once you try talking to him, you quickly lose the spark. He's either only talking about himself or giving your thoughtful points a one word reply. No harm in admiring his profile, though.

    The Actually Normal Guy

    @textswithbenefits / Via Instagram

    He's the first man on this app who seems to have some semblance of how a conversation works. Sure, he's not that attractive, you two have nothing in common, and he has terrible texting habits, but are those things really dealbreakers? Oh, who are you kidding? Let Jared down easily, okay?

    The One

    JiuJero / Via Reddit

    He's cute, swiped right on you right away, and you exchanged witty banter for a day. It could be love....only, it's been two days and you're pretty sure he left you on read. Alex, what happened?

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