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What Made This Young Couple Throw Out Their Mattress In The Middle Of The Night

Hot and Bothered in Exactly the Wrong Way

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Young adults are turning more and more to online dealers for their household needs, including “bed-in-a-box” vendors for mattresses. But there is a real question of whether these mattresses are really a good fit with their target markets’ lifestyle.

We’re talking, of course, about the other use for your bed: Sex.

The bed-in-a-box product line started out with the introduction of mattresses that were mostly memory foam. These could be compressed and packed into a box for easy delivery, making them a sensible choice for online shoppers conscious of shipping costs.

But young couples figured out the harsh truth pretty quickly:

My bed is more comfortable than yours. Although, not as easy to have sex in. #MemoryFoam

Having sex on a memory foam bed is like fucking in quicksand

Sex on the floor because you in the zone > sex on the floor because her bed is just memory foam

Yeah, so… post-sex sleep on memory foam might be comfy. But the sex on memory foam itself? Not so much.

What are couples’ top complaints about memory foam?

1. That sinking feeling… couples in forums have likened it to quicksand, marshmallows, and other unsexy stuff.

2. Hot and sweaty, but not the right kind. Memory foam traps heat like a black leather car seat in the Arizona sun, meaning the “hot and sweaty” goes over-the-top too soon.

3. No playful bounce. OK, this only matters for some positions. But why limit your options?

4. Harder to change things up. Memory foam is for staying in place, not switching positions.

5. Wrong angle. So, geometry matters for sex. Sinking too far into the mattress means that some women have their hips angled down, making things uncomfortable or unnecessarily difficult. (Do we need a diagram here?)

There is hope, however, in the latest generation of hybrid mattresses. Hybrid mattresses use both memory foam and traditional coils (and possibly gels or latex) in precise layers to try to get the benefits of both.

Hybrid mattresses have not been around quite as long as memory foam, but early reports are promising. Couples are reporting that there is enough “playful bounce” for those intimate moments, but enough foam for the even support for sleep afterwards. Mattresses with pocketed micro-coils seem to be especially effective for those intimate moments.

So that young couple? We won’t share their names, but one night on their new memory foam and they discovered that it was too hot and too “still” for their active lifestyle. They took advantage of the generous return policy… to get a newer model of hybrid bed.

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