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People Who Grew Up With Asian Moms: Tell Us All Of The Beauty Secrets She Passed Down To You

"Mom...can you put oil in my hair?" —Me every time I'm home

Now that it's May, aka Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, we want to know what beauty secrets you learned from your mom.

For example, my mom swears by using warm coconut oil as an overnight hair mask when your hair is feeling dry or brittle. It's something I still do today!

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Maybe your mom had *THE* secret to the perfect at-home haircut...

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...or a particularly rigorous head-massage routine.

Therapy: expensive Champi from mom: free and fulfilling

Is she a ~trendy~ mom who can do her eyeliner better than everyone else in your life?

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Or maybe she has a multiple-step skincare routine that she passed down to you.

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Whatever it is, share your mom's beauty secrets in the comment section below! Some of our favorite responses will be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post for APAHM and also will be tucked away for my own personal knowledge (big thanks to your mom in advance for helping me through my next breakout).

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