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    Just 25 Perfect Memes About The Marvel Cinematic Universe

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    1. This accurate comparison

    2. Kids are the harshest critics

    3. There's a lot of potential for team-ups in Infinity War

    4. An accurate prediction of all Infinity War panels

    5. This most tragic shield of all time

    6. Legit trust issues

    7. Mark Ruffalo = basic fangirl

    8. Just put your bathroom break on hold for a little while longer

    9. I have seen the future, and it is beautiful

    10. Not what you were looking for, Zemo?

    11. Thirdwheeling

    12. The true story behind the events that triggered Civil War

    13. Good point

    14. Same, Tom, same

    15. "Professionals"

    16. All students can relate

    17. Tag ur spoilers

    18. A classic case of bad communication

    19. The next bestsellers?

    20. A logical explanation

    21. Fast-forward to 2018

    22. What do they put in the water in Queens?!?

    23. Works every time

    24. Poor Cap is so innocent

    25. Did we really need all those movies before The Avengers?