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    Check Out This Adorable Jewelry For Vets And Vet Techs

    Looking for some specific jewelry pieces? Go online!

    1. Hidden Paws Ring

    2. Vet Tech Love Necklace

    3. Heart of a Vet Tech

    4. Vet Tech Heart Pendant Necklace

    5. Vet Love Necklace

    6. Paw Print Collar Remembrance Ring

    7. Vet Tech Pendant

    8. Veterinary Love Dog Pendant

    9. Veterinary Sign Pendant

    10. Stethoscope Necklace

    11. Veterinary School Graduate

    12. A Vet Tech Prayer

    13. Stethoscope, Paw, and Heart Pendant

    14. ECG Necklace

    15. Vet Med: Animals Better

    16. Veterinary Medicine Circle Charm

    17. Infinity Heart Pendant

    18. Caduceus Animals Necklace Heart Charm