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Adam Devine's New Movie "Jexi" Makes Fun Of BuzzFeed, And TBH They Pretty Much Nailed It

"We haven't gone viral since yesterday!"

In Jexi, Adam Devine plays a normal guy named Phil who actually starts a romance with his phone's digital assistant. Watch the trailer and see if you notice anything...uh...familiar about the company Phil works at:

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In the movie, Phil works at a company called Chatterbox that's eerily similar to BuzzFeed. OK, it's not just similar. It's blatantly making fun of BuzzFeed:

But TBH, we're not even offended — because they pretty much nailed what it's like to be a BuzzFeed employee. Just like Phil, we have to wake up super early to change the world one listicle at a time.

We spend most of our day scouring the internet for sweet, sweet content.

All of our meetings start like this:

And they all end like this:

We have normal, run-of-the-mill work mishaps that could totally happen in any office.

And just like Phil, we all go home after work to pursue our personal passion projects.

We have awkward interactions with members of the opposite sex...

...we have quite a few of those, actually.

We always try (and usually fail) to not be unhealthy disgusting slobs all the time...

...and we take great pride in watching our little listicle babies go mega-viral.

Really, the only difference is the personal assistant on our phones isn't named Jexi.

But yeah, sure, sometimes our phones fall in love with us, become obsessed, and try to destroy our entire lives.

Images courtesy of Lionsgate.

Don't miss Adam Devine in Jexi, in theaters everywhere October 11!