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16 Road Trip–Ready Snacks That You Can Eat On The Go

It's not a road trip without road nips from Jewel-Osco’s exclusive Open Nature® brand.

1. These Parmesan cheese crisps that are packed like a one-lane road with protein.

A bag of cheese crisps

2. This roasted seaweed snack that's Non-GMO but all GO!

A package containing a seaweed bar

3. These veggie sticks that really put the "stick" in "stick shift."

A bag of veggie sticks

4. This dark chocolate peanut butter bar, chock-full of the stuff that will keep you going.

A bar of dark chocolate and peanut butter

5. These water crackers that will steer your tummy away from hunger.

A box of crackers

6. These pita chips that are perfect for pita zipping down the highway.

A bag of pita chips

7. These flatbread crackers that will keep you from having to hook your car up to a flatbed truck.

A tray of flatbed crackers

8. These salami nuggets that will help you say c’est la vie to your home.

A bag of salami nuggets

9. This nonfat Greek yogurt that is perfect for shotgun snacking.

A pack of Greek yogurt

10. These mini peeled carrots that you don't have to peel off to the side to eat.

A bag of mini carrots

11. This prosciutto that is sure to keep your energy up during the drive.

A package of prosciutto

12. These slices of oven roasted turkey breast that give you a slice of home while you're away.

A package of turkey slices

13. This!_%eaid!_% that is perfect for a trip.

A container of dip

14. These organic string cheese sticks that allow you to string a couple more miles together without having to stop.

A bag of string cheese

15. This dry Italian salami, a relic of the old country while you explore this one.

A package of salami

16. Or this Genoa salami to-go-ah.

A package of salami

It's 2021 so the ignition is back on for road trips. Just don't forget to pack your road trip–ready snacks from from Jewel-Osco’s exclusive Open Nature® brand.