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7 Ways People Are Still Celebrating Love During Social Distancing

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These might not be the best of times but that doesn't mean they have to be the worst of times.

"A lovely couple of friends of mine, like many others, had to postpone their spring wedding this year. Once it was postponed, their plan was to spend the big day alone with one another, off the grid. But that morning, they had a change of heart; instead, a friend of theirs reached out to friends and family, and we all attended their wedding via video conference that evening! Their officiant dialed in, the bride and groom looked spiffy in their intended attire, their dog made a rousing appearance, and everyone on the call (many of us also dressed to the nines) toasted the couple with whatever drinks we had on hand. It may not have been what they’d originally planned, but as my friends said in their sweet vows, they were able to do what mattered most: marry each other."

–Casey C.

"We had to postpone our wedding. When it happened, I was devastated but as I adjusted, I realized we could only make the best of it. So we got married, alone, in our favorite park by our house. He put on his tux, I put on my dress, and we video-called the officiant. It wasn't all that we planned but it was still a day we'll tell our grandkids about."

Lizzie J.

Sometimes, a comic says it all.

You might be together all the time but that doesn't mean you don't have to make time.

"My boyfriend and I have been working on this really difficult puzzle for several weekends. It's a fun activity we can do together that's not just ordering pizza and passing out in front of the TV. We make it a little event and have snacks and make a fancy drink. It's sort of our little date night."

Kemi A.

"Every night, my boyfriend and I shut our laptops and put down our phones and play a card or board game. It takes our minds off everything that is going on and is just a fun way to enjoy each other’s company (and we're both kinda competitive, so that adds a nice little spark!)"

–Abby G

We stan a virtual engagement!

"I proposed to my fiancé over video chat! We live together but she travels a lot for work and was out of the county when COVID-19 really started getting serious. She decided it was best to hunker down where she was. This whole thing made me realize that life is short and I didn't want to spend another minute without her knowing that I wanted her in my life forever. She said yes! We don't know when we will see each other again quite yet, but I can't wait!"

–Michael J.

Don't assume it's over.

"I had just started seeing a guy I met online who I really liked. When the shelter in place order began in New York, I thought it'd be over for sure. I couldn't have been more wrong! We've been video-chatting almost every night and I've gotten to know him super well. With video chat, you're forced to give them your undivided attention. It somehow almost feels more intimate at this point in our relationship than hanging out in a noisy bar or restaurant. We'll meet again when this is over, but it's actually kind of been a cool way to get to know someone."

–Josie P.

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