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10 Things You Didn’t Realize About Your Significant Other Until You Had To Quarantine With Them

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It's funny that you've never noticed how loudly your partner chews their food.

Or how they always leave little hairs behind in the bathtub.

How hard is it to put your dishes directly into the dishwasher?

Or to hang up your towel instead of leaving it on the floor?

Looks like someone's a remote hog.

Hmm, have they always talked this much?

But maybe you've also noticed that they often wash the dishes without being asked.

Or take the dog out even though you both know it's your turn.

And when you've been quarantined for months on end, it sure is nice to have someone who will put their arm around you on the couch while you rewatch your favorite show for the fourth time.

So maybe quarantining with your favorite person in the world isn't so— oh my god, how can a person eat soup that loudly?!?!?!

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